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  Eucalyptus Essential Oil Vivasan -Head Note
Essential Oils >> Eucalyptus Oil Vivasan -Head Note
Product code: E 111


  • undue fatiguability, drowse, sluggishness and melancholia   • acne and herpetic rash, furunculosis, pimples   • burns, injuries, cuts, frostbites, pigment, stings   • dandruffs, hair loss, pediculosis, fragile nails   • inflammatory and congestion processes of the

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VIVASAN Eucalyptus essential oil, containing 80-85% of eucalyptole, are effective for colds and cough and other respiratory diseases. It is a powerful antiseptic that kills dysentery pathogenic organisms, streptococci and staphylococci, suppresses escherichia, trichomonas and
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The first to discover the healing power of eucalyptus, the tallest deciduous tree of the World, were the Australian aborigines. They applied eucalyptus leaves around the wound to prevent infection and stimulate healing process. Eucalypti played an important role in the efforts against malaria epidemics. Eucalyptus was considered to be the "tree of life", the "diamond of the woods" and the "tree of magic". German physicians were the first to give a scientific foundation to the healing powers of eucalyptus in the beginning of the 70 of the 19th century.


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