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VIVASAN, a magic touch of Nature!

The VIVASAN Company is the general representative of some major Swiss producers of herbal medicinal cosmetics and biologically active substances in Russia, CIS, Baltic States, East Europe and Asia.

These products, that have shown themselves brilliantly for tens of years all over the world, are manufactured specially for the VIVASAN Company with the VIVASAN trademark, which contributes to our success on the natural products world market.

Among the VIVASAN Company partners one can find such respectable and experienced Swiss firms as SWISSCAPS AG, Dr. DUENNER АG, INTRACOSMED AG, OSWALD GmbH, ELIXAN GmbHand, the Italian COSVAL srl., known all over Europe thanks to its natural dyes and hair care products.

VivaDerm Shower Foam Vivasan
250 ml
Only 76.20 lei
  Details SanoTint Shampoo for Dry, Fractured and Fine Hair
200 ml
Only 68.40 lei
Details Lemon Essential Oil Vivasan - Head Note
10 ml
Only 48.20 lei

Best selling product
Lemon Essential Oil Vivasan - Head Note

• vegetovascular dystonia, debilitated immunity

• flu, herpes, chicken pox, acute viral hepatitis, bark, parotitis

• insomnia, headaches, nausea, dizziness, fatigue

• rheumatism, arthritis, stomatitis, parodontosis, food poisoning

• stones in gall-bladder and kidneys, swellings

• vascular walls sclerosis, varicose veins, piles, eruption, acne, furunculosis, herpes, warts, eczemas, crevices

• nevus pigmentosis, freckles, vessel pattern

• metabolism disturbances, obesity, cellulitis

• dandruffs, fragile nails and hair, for hair decolorization

• normalization of blood formula, of liver and gall-bladder function

Counterindications: Don't use during chemotherapy! Don't put on the skin right before exposing to the sun.

Only 48.20 lei

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